Najah A. Salaam, Certified Bheemashakti Yoga Teacher since 2013, practitioner of Bheemashakti since 2009

Najah began her yoga journey in 2006, when she was introduced to her first yoga class in San Diego. With a brief history in competiton cheerleading while in high school, she realized quickly how she missed moving her body, opening and stretching it. And yoga seemed to fill that space in her life. So upon moving to San Diego to begin her journey of becoming a healer, she also started attending regular yoga classes at Ginseng Yoga in South Park. There, she as able to try various types of classes – from regular ‘Vinyasa’ classes, to the deeper, more meditative forms of yoga in the Deep Yoga classes, to the more ritualistic style of Ashthanga Yoga.  While exploring these classes, she realized that there was something missing from all of these classes. There was some element of  ‘that’s just the way my body is’ that accompanied them all. So, as most students – she accepted this at first. But soon, it grew into a deep frustration that could not be cured from her regular yoga classes.

That is until she came across Bheemashakti Yoga classes, led by the late Jonathan Patriarca at Ginseng Yoga. And there she knew she belonged. Bheemashakti Yoga is a very systematic practice of opening and strengthening the body through a series of repetitive exercises and breath work that is goal oriented. When she first stumbled upon an Advanced level Bheemashakti Yoga class, she was in awe – she saw things happening in the room with the students’ bodies that she never knew were humanly possible. There was also this element of self-exploration that comes along with Bheemashakti – always checking in on internal sensations, and allowing yourself as much time is needed in between exercises to rest and prepare. So here she found where she belonged – where she could study the subtle energies within her body all while pushing herself to go beyond the acceptance of bodily limitations that most Yogis face in their daily practice.

More recently, Najah returned from meeting her teacher Jonathan’s teacher – Master H.R. Suresh Pawar of Mysore, India. After studying under him for one month, she is excitedly planning her next trip later on in the year to continue to expand her practice and knowledge from Master Suresh.

Classes Available:

Fridays 12-1:30pmGinseng Yoga – 2985 Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92102

Sundays 12-1:30pm – Ginseng Yoga – 2985 Beech Street, San Diego, CA 92102

Private Yoga Classes available: $90.00/1.5 hour class. Contact me directly for times.