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Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite some time – there has been so much that I have learned in my life – especially in the last 5 years when I completely changed the direction of my life by starting a career in the healing arts. Yoga – my religion – is what made me see that I needed to make some necessary changes. Up until I found yoga in 2007, I was a ‘hot mess’. I really mean it. I drank too much, smoked cigarettes, was under a lot of stress from working at an advertising agency, and had a lot of digestive problems.  So I moved to San Diego to start living a  healthier, happier life than I had back in NY/NJ. I quit smoking in 2010, and have never looked back. I dove fiercely into my yoga practice, and enrolled in graduate school to study Traditional Chinese Medicine to become a licensed acupuncturist. Little did I know that while I was busy in school, my thirst for any piece of knowledge on health and wellness would grow immensely. When I  graduated from graduate school in 12/2013, I embarked on a whole new mission – becoming a conscious business owner of Multi – Dimensional Healing.

This blog is intended to be a raw look at this journey – a healer with a business – and all the crazy questions that I come up with, and the things I worry about with my patients. A blog about all the things that matter to me – like #yoga, #acupuncture, #food therapy, #FengShui, #crystals, #moxabustion, #spirituality and various other topics.

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