Don’t Stuff Yourself!


I know this is not how you want to spend the second half of your Thanksgiving tomorrow. So I’ve decided to write down a few tips to keep in mind with the holidays quickly approaching.


  1. Don’t let your eyes be the judge of your plate.  – I used to do this ALL the time as a child. I would starve myself all day, and when the time came to eat, it was game on! And then ensued the worst bellyache of my little life. This is called – in terms of Chinese Medicine – food stagnation. When a person has food stagnation, nothing seems to go anywhere. It’s stuck. You don’t want to drink anything, and definitely don’t want to eat anything. Your abdomen is extended, and you may be very gasy. This happens because the body isn’t designed to digest absurd quantities of food in record time.The stomach works best when moderate qualities of cooked foods are consumed only after chewing each bite so much that it becomes liquid before swallowing. We need to keep this in mind during this glutinous time of year.
  2. This now brings me to the second tip – Take your time! Taking your time while eating allows your stomach to ‘record’ what it intakes, and to send feedback via the Vagus Nerve to the brain to let you know how much room you really have left. Is there enough room for a piece of pie? Or will that be what sets you over the edge?cute_digestive_system_by_bentlie-d4i3717
  3. Practice Mindfulness while you eat – This may not seem like a big deal, but how are you really going to know what you ate without paying attention to it? Pay attention to each bite – each flavor, texture and how it makes you feel. Doing that while you eat will not only add to the experience of eating, but it will allow you to really experience the food. And when you tune into your happy belly – singing your praises, you’ll be glad you did.smiley                        #happybelly #holidaymadness #thanksgiving #toomuchturkey #stomachaches

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