Digestion Overhaul

And now onto part two about what we eat… It’s amazing how many people deal with crappy digestion, and don’t even know it. I’ve had several patients that have told me that their digestion was ‘fine’. And then they stick out their tongue, and it looks something like this:   To most people, this picture of a tongue may seem […]


I must admit, I have shied away from talking about food since I started this blog. Food is a touchy subject for a lot of people. It’s a common question to ask patients, and they routinely withhold the foods that they indulge in or just can’t live without. But rarely, do you get the truth from them in the beginning […]

Breathe, Damn it!

Yes, that might seem like a no-brainer for a lot of us. But have you ever really taken a few moments of your day to check in to see how you are breathing? I checked in on my own breath about 8 years ago for the first time. I noticed at the time, how shallow it was. I was breathing […]

food pyramids

Balance?! What’s that?? 8

I have often observed the do-or-die nature of our society. ‘It’s all or nothing!’ ‘Go big, or go home!’ ‘Work hard and play hard(er)!’ And this is even prevalent in what we consume. Whether it be food, clothes, cars, houses – the bigger/more expensive, the better.

apple vs kombucha

Why I love Kombucha 1

I really feel like I have a deep, loving relationship with kombucha. It all started with the first sip – GT’s Kombucha. I absolutely LOVED it. It was like a healthy soda! But at $4 a pop – it was more of a luxury for me – living on a full-time student’s budget. I had done some research about all […]

Welcome to my blog! 5

Thanks for visiting my blog! I’ve been wanting to start a blog for quite some time – there has been so much that I have learned in my life – especially in the last 5 years when I completely changed the direction of my life by starting a career in the healing arts. Yoga – my religion – is what […]

Mahatma Gandhi